First Aid, Health & Safety and Fire Training. Val d'Isere, Tarentaise, French Alps

First Aid - Health & Safety

We supply HSE & Resuscitation Council approved Training options, for Individuals, Ski Instructors, Nannies, Resort Staff & more.

First Aid at Work

There are two courses available which are suitable for businesses such as offices, service industry including hotels and chalets, construction and building and transfer companies. The courses range from one day to three day depending on the requirements of the individual business and can be discussed with our instructors.
Each course covers initial care, cardiac problems and other primary care first aid problems. The longer more in-depth three day course covers more specific injury and illness assessment. Each course can be bespoke for your particular business needs.

Outdoor Pursuits First Aid

Outdoor Pursuits 16 Hour First Aid is a 2 day course that covers Primary & Secondary Care adapted for Outdoor situations where Emergency Services may be delayed due to difficult access.
Our First Aid courses meet UK and European Resuscitation Guidelines 2015, as per the HSE requirements. And are often required for registration by Outdoor Sports Training providers such as BASI.

Paediatric First Aid for Nannies

Our one day 6 hour Paediatric first aid course for nannies and au pairs is perfect for anyone working within the childcare industry who does not require registration but requires a first aid qualification.
The course covers planning for an emergency first aid situation, Resuscitaton and CPR on adult, child and infant, drowning, choking and other conditions that may need to be dealt with including anaphylatic shock, heat stroke and hypothermia, eye injuries, epilepsy and asthma. As we are based in Val d'Isere and work closely with the childcare companies within resort and across the Tarantaise we make sure all scenarios and conditions are winter resort specific.

Health & Safety

A short course in basic health and safety awareness is available for any businesses requiring their staff to have a better understanding of the principles of good health and safety in the workplace
This course covers the important points but does not go into the detail of the more advanced level. The level one will go into more detail for information on regulation, accident prevention and procedures. If you require any further information email us for a full breakdown of course details.

Fire Safety

The course covers all aspects of fire safety training including regulations and the law, the fire triangle, evacuation, fire equipment, good housekeeping, calling the fire service, fire doors and smoke alarms, risk assessing and precautions. It is ideal for all staff requiring some basic awareness of fire safety and increases awareness in the workplace. Therefore reducing the risk of fires breaking out and saving lives.
The course is suitable for chalet staff and hotel workers needing some basic fire training. A more in-depth course can be offered if your business requires a qualified fire marshall or warden.