Phyisotherapy, Injury Assesment & Treatment, Sports Rehab Val d'Isere


Progression therapists are able to provide in-accommodation assessments and treatments whether you have sustained a new injury or that old injury is playing up. After a thorough assessment by one of our experienced therapists they will discuss with you your best treatment options.
All of our therapists have experience in treating and assessing acute trauma, sporting injuries and biomechanical assessments so you are able to get the most of your time on the mountain.


Our therapists have been specialising in trauma and sporting injuries for a number of years, they are able to carry out an extensive and appropriate assessment to then determine the best possible treatment plan.
After taking a thorough history we will carry out special tests and measurements to help determine what might be causing your pain or discomfort, we will then discuss with you our clinical thoughts and our advice on treatment.


We are able to provide a range of physiotherapy treatments including soft tissue massage, cupping, trigger point and myofascial release, taping and strapping, kinesiology taping, mobilisations and manipulations, exercise rehabilitation and advice. All of our therapists are highly experienced in dealing with acute injuries and are highly trained in every treatment available.
If you are looking for a cool down or warm up routine and would like someone to guide you through it our therapists are available to take an exercise class in the comfort of your chalet. We are also able to provide private yoga classes from a fully qualified instructor on request.